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KPC National Council Board of Directors

Supreme Knight

Most Worthy F. DeKarlos Blackmon

Huntsville, Alabama

Deputy Supreme Knight

Brother James Ellis

Missouri City , Texas

National Secretary

Brother Athanase J. Jones Jr.

Jacksonville, Florida

National Treasurer

Brother Omar E. Jones

Pearland, Texas

National Advocate

Brother William T. Everette, Jr.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Lay Board Member

Brother Paul Ledet, Jr.

Houston, Texas

Director General Jr. Knights

Brother Chris Pichon

Houston, Texas

Past Supreme Knight

Most Worthy Gene Phillips, Sr.

Houston, Texas

State Deputy of Louisiana

Brother Alvin Wiltz

Breaux Bridge , Louisiana

District Deputy of Gulf Coast

Brother Carlton Robinson


District Deputy of Western States

Brother Greg Warner

Los Angeles, California

State Deputy of Texas

Brother Ron R. Mitchell

Houston, Texas

District Deputy of Central States

Brother Skip Riley

Denver, Colorado

Supreme Navigator

Sir Knight Dan Santos
Hamden, Connecticut

District Deputy of Northern States

Brother Joseph Bradley Jr.

Indianapolis, Indiana

National Chaplain

Most Rev. Martin G. Holley, DD

Washington, DC

Executive Director, Brother Grant Jones, New Orleans, Louisiana

KPCLA National Court Board of Directors

Supreme Lady

Most Esteemed Vertelle A. Kenion

Charleston, South Carolina

Vice Supreme Lady

Lady Hilda L. Wiltz

Rayne, Louisiana

National Secretary

Lady Debra Gray Bridges

Monroe, Louisiana

National Treasurer

Lady Marie L. Johnson

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Lay Board Member

Lady Candace Procter

Modesto, California

National Counselor of Jr. Daughters

Lady Katie Guidry Johnson

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Past Supreme Lady

Most Esteemed Geralyn Shelvin

Lafayette, Louisiana

State Deputy of Louisiana

Lady Cheryl W. Williams

Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

District Deputy of Western States

Lady Renita Lloyd-Smith

Los Angeles, California

District Deputy of Gulf Coast

Lady Barbara J. Birds

North Charleston, South Carolina

District Deputy of Central States

Lady Alma Moore

Aurora, Colorado

State Deputy of Texas

Lady Eva M. Volter

Humble, Texas

District Deputy of Northern States

Lady Lena F. Young

Chicago, Illinois

Supreme Navigator

Gracious Lady Marion Smith Reynoso

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

KPC Clergy in the Western States District


His Eminence Roger Cardinal Mahony - Archdiocese of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California
His Eminence Archbishop Jose H. Gomez - Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Most Reverend Edward W. Clark - Bishop - Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Fr. Gregory Chisholm - Council 121 - Harlem, New York
Fr. Tomas Frank - Council 259 - Los Angeles, California
Fr. Joseph Idomele - Council 121 - Los Angeles, California
Fr. Richard Martini - Council 220 - Los Angeles, California
Fr. Allan Roberts - Council 162 - Los Angeles, California
Fr. Paul Spellman - Council 121 - Los Angeles, California
Fr. Augustus Taylor - Los Angeles, California
Fr. Kenneth Westray - Greenbrae-Kentfield, California

Deacon Emile Adams - Council 121 - Los Angeles, California
Deacon Hosea Alexander - Council 121 - Los Angeles, California
Deacon Joseph E. Connor - Council 218 - Seattle, Washington
Deacon Louis Dixon - Council 155 - East Palo Alto, CA
Deacon Willard Hall - Council 99 - Los Angeles, California
Deacon Douglas Johnson - Council 121 - Los Angeles, California
Deacon Frank Milholland - Council 306 - Compton, California
Deacon Lawrence Palmer - Council 389 - Altadena/Pasadena, California
Deacon Greg Patterson - Los Angeles, California
Deacon Mark Race - Council 162 - Los Angeles, California
Deacon Marvin Threatt - Council 371 - Spring Valley, California
Deacon Jack Turner - Los Angeles, California
Deacon Eugene Stelly - Council 122 - Oakland, California

Western States District St. Peter Claver Foundation Board Members

The following individuals have been elected to the KPC National St. Peter Claver Foundation Board of Directors from the Western States District:

Gracious Lady Lois Carson -- A member of St. Martin de Porres, Court #257 domiciled at St. Anthony Parish in San Bernardino, CA

Lady Lori McCoy Shuler -- A member of Sacred of Heart of Jesus, Court #121 domiciled at Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Los Angeles, CA

Sir Knight Anthony Calhoun -- who currently resides in LaVerne, California

Check out what the St. Peter Claver Foundation is doing to further our mission of service, worldwide, by going to the Foundation's website located at http://www.claverfoundation.org/ .

 WSD Area Deputies 

Area 1, Seattle, WA
               Brother Ceaser Patterson, 206-355-6070

Area 2, Sacramento, CA                    

               Brother Charles Mays, 916 665 2994


Area 3, Oakland, CA  /  San Francisco, CA

               Brother Wesley J. Arceneaux, 415-586-5798

               Brother James Ned, 415-584-3324

               Brother Darrell Dickerson, 510-750-3292

               Brother Rubin Flores, 510-532-7436


Area 4, Los Angeles, CA

               Brother Flloyd Davis, 310-422-4785

               Brother Jordann Singleton,  323-541-7702


Area 5, Las Vegas, NV

               Brother Joseph Dumas, 702-367-1634


Area 6, Phoenix, AZ

               Brother James Lackey, 623-536-9735


Area 7, San Diego, CA

               Brother Lee Thomas, 323-449-1475

               Brother (Deacon) Marvin Threatt, 619-670-8339

Seattle, WA/Portland, OR                 

Lady S'Vera Dowe

Sacramento, CA

Lady Lena Hall

Lady Wanda Glover-Petite

Oakland, CA/San Francisco Bay Area

Lady Patricia Gee

Lady Martha Hanks

Lady Edie Marie Clark

Lady Velma Gaines-Miller

Las Vegas, NV

Lady Gilda Austin

Lady Julia Young

Phoenix, AZ

Lady Tracy Aikens

Lady Cassandra Young

San Diego, CA

Lady Julia LeBlanc

Lady T'Sonya Sanders

San Bernardino/Riverside, CA

Lady Charlotte Canfield

Lady Barbara Williams

Los Angeles, CA

Lady Franz Aubry
Lady Felicia Jackson

Lady Lori McCoy Shuler

Lady Patrice Hazure Spencer

Lady Aline Heisser-Ovid, PROTOCOL

Lady Bridgett Vavasseur, PROTOCOL

Site Mailing List 

Western States District Conference
Post Office Box 5180
Cerritos, CA 90703-5108

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