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 Inter-Councils and Courts (ICC) 

Under the auspices of the Knights of Peter Claver Charter Consitution and By-Laws; Courts and Councils in a geographic region are allowed to organize central committees, inter-councils/courts and co-ordinating councils and courts for the purposes of promoting Claverism in their area.

The Northern California Inter-Council and Courts (NICC) is the local body in the Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, California area that represents all KPC/KPCLA units within that vicinity.

The NICC meets every two months at the various parishes where KPC/KPCLA member units are domiciled.

The current officers of the NICC are as follows:

NICC President                Knight Brandon Evans, St. Mark Council #230, Richmond, CA
NICC Vice President         Gracious Lady LeAnn Hall-Irvin, St. Benedict Court #336, Oakland, CA 
NICC Secretary               Gracious Lady Donna Smith, St. Mark Court #230, Richmond, CA
NICC Treasurer               Gracious Lady Henrietta Smith, St. Mark Court #230, Richmond, CA
NICC Mistress-at-Arms     Gracious Lady Karen Gordon, St. Ann Court #122, Oakland, CA
NICC Sergeant-at-Arms    Sir Knight Gatewood, Council #296, San Francisco, CA
NICC Chaplain                 Sir Knight Deacon Eugene Stelly, St. Ann Council #122, Oakland, CA

Cartagena Pilgrims include:

Front Row (L-R) Patricia A. Cruise, Sir Knight Rufus G. Fisher (Council #336), Lady Velma Gaines  Miller(Court #296), Leticia R. Aguirre,
Jose M. Aguirre, Jr., Grand Lady Dolores Hill (Court #127),  and Gracious Lady Pat Gee (Court #137),
Back Row (L-R) Grand Knight Deacon Earl JOHson (Council #137), Knight Reverend Aidan McAleenan (Council #127), Very Reverend
Jay Matthews-Rector of Christ the Light Cathedral and trip spiritual guide (Council #137), Lady Regina Wilkerson (Court #127), and
NCICC President Knight Brandon Evans (230).
Not pictured but also attending the trip: Most Reverend Michael C. Barber, SJ,--Bishop Diocese of Oakland; 
Reverend Olman Solis - trip spiritual guide, Grand Lady Judith Brooks (Court #120), and Shelby C. Thomas


NICC/Catholic Voice St. Peter Claver Pilgrimage
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